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Initial Goal Setting

This is an initial goal setting session specifically for new speakers or entrepreneurs that want to take on video creation podcasting, or public speaking.

Basic Coaching

This will a basic education session for new or advanced speakers to teach them skills like how to project their voice, stop using filler words, build confidence in front of an audience, and learn the basics of an engaging presentation.

Advanced Coaching

This will an advanced session is for all speakers that need to learn specific skills for their business .

Speak Your Confidence

This is a specialized life coaching /speech program what will last for a year. ONLY SERIOUS AND DEDICATED people can be involved.

Speak Your Freedom

This is a specialized life coaching /speech program what will last for a year. ONLY SERIOUS AND DEDICATED people can be involved.

Conquer Your Camera

I will show you how on camera I setup my green screen / lighting , how to my YouTube channel started ( covert and intro), some good cameras to use, and finally recommend some editing software.

Personal Development

The first type of motivational speaker is one who is meant to inspire listeners and help them find guidance and purpose in their lives. These speakers might give talks on a specific topic such as how to balance family and work or spiritual development. blog-4 In some cases, they might tell personal stories of adversity and triumph to give hope to the audience. These types of motivational speakers allow individual audience members to take their own lessons from the talk and apply it to their lives in any way they see fit.


Motivational Speaking

Youth Motivational Speakers and College Speakers on Success and Life Purpose!

Speaker Webinars

Motivational speakers for personal development conferences on life purpose.

Consultation Services

Invest in your people and your people will invest in you. Create a happy workplace.


Kareem has a good voice, I didn’t expect it could be done, he gave his all and kept trying until it was authentic. Great Job Kareem.



Thank you very much. Good work





Hi my name is Kareem Maize. I am 28 year old musician and information technology professional who loves to create videos and rock public speaking events. In my spare time I also do fiverr video work and testimonials come inside and check out my services!


1266 College Dr. Latrobe PA 15650


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