The Starting Line

For those that want to improve their public engagements, it all starts with enunciation. In order to fully compel an audience, you have to speak the words that you are going to say in any speech or presentation. Do so in front of a mirror. Your goal here is to speak out the words, just read them off your page if you have to. You’re not memorizing here. You’re literally speaking the enunciation of each syllable, you are familiarizing your mouth and voice to the words spoken. You have to isolate these things moving forward. This simple progression will help your mind become comfortable with speaking the words. Repetition is the key to success in nearly any thing that you do publicly.

Mastering Audiences

As you get familiar with the speech that you have to speak, build your audience. Ask friends, family, neighbors, just about anyone that will hear you out for a few minutes listen in. Do your speech for them, at least once. Hear what they tell you in terms of changes, modifications, and improvements. If they have none, take note of that, and go back to the drawing board. The goal here is to make sure that you not only have the enunciation of the words down, but that you master the act of speaking in front of real people.

The Ultimate Confidence

Personal development is a rough thing for most. This doesn’t just turn on overnight. However, you can focus on the pieces that you need to succeed by simply practicing your speech, or presentation. Practice over and over, until you’ve memorized everything. From there, you will want to wear the suit or outfit you’re going to utilize. Over time, these elements start to create confidence because you have gone through all the steps of preparation. Once the spotlight is on you, and you are delivering your speech, you will have this rush of confidence, because half of the battle is being prepared.