The question asked by many is why there is a fear among people when told to give a public speed. According to researches, people tend to fear public speaking much more than fearing dying! Hence, why is the person so much petrified of facing the audience and to deliver a speech.

Ten reasons as to why people are afraid of public speaking

  • Fear of failure: It is a well known fact that people generally are scared since they would not want to fail in front of a crowd.

  • Self doubt: There could be some who might have doubts in their own capabilities and not be in a position to take the initiative like others.

  • Vulnerability: Standing on the stage may make the person to feel alone and scared with everyone’s eyes being focused upon them.

  • Fear of others judging: This is a fear that is commonly seen in many. People tend to feel uncomfortable especially when others form opinions about them.

  • Personal disabilities: In case, the person has a stutter or has a disfigured face, for example, then people might believe that others could laugh at them.

  • Expecting too much from self: Some people get overwhelmed with the fact that all things need to be perfect, compelling them to not try it in the first place.

  • Fear of presence of huge audience: Standing before thousands of people may make the person to feel scared.

  • Lack of preparation: It could be that the person is not prepared adequately for delivering the speech.

  • Stress: There are many who might not like public speaking related stress.

  • Do not know the way to: Few people might not know how prepare for, to write and to deliver the speech.

Irrespective of the reasons of being afraid of public speaking, experts urge people to try overcoming all their fears and to perform public speaking. If the fears are to be allowed to take place, then the person could be missing out on a big time.