Every person at one point or another wishes. They wish for change, they wish they were better at something, they wish for riches, and it goes on and on. Every birthday cake has candles on it, and people blow them out with a wish and a gust of air. What good are these things without action? It’s a hard reality that you may have to face, and something that will guarantee failure. In fact, if you have ever uttered the words, I wish I was good at public speaking, you’re not alone. Millions of people have uttered that phrase from middle school to college and every industry. Those that wish, sit on their hands, and hope not to get called up to the front. On the other hand, there are some that push through, and punch their ticket to a whole new arena of confidence.

Failing Before Anything Is Uttered

There is one way you can fail at everything, inaction. Millions of people do absolutely nothing to change their situation. Do not take this wrong. This is not to make you feel bad. It’s simply to illustrate that inactivity is the one guaranteed way that you will fail at public speaking, and just about anything that you want to do in this life. In order to succeed with anything, you have to find a path that will get you literally doing something. If you do nothing, literally just walk into your home and sit on your couch, you will not master the art of public speaking, communication, podcasting, or anything that you may “wish” that you were good at.

Finding A Way Past Fear

Fear is a captivating thing. Once it grabs you, it doesn’t let you go. It’s a vice that turns slowly, and surely. People are afraid of speaking in public to the point where they will run. Some will have nervous break downs to avoid it. Yet, those same millions wish they could go past it.

Do you want to get past the fear of public speaking? Do you want to engage an audience of 1 or 100?

If you answered yes, then you need to start with the affirmation that you can do it. Remember this one thing about public speaking overall, no one is perfect on day one. No one wakes up one day and just belts out the best speech in the world. The great Martin Luther King Jr. for instance, didn’t wake up and become a master orator. Follow the educational path of the late orator, and you’ll see that he went through college, church, and worked through public speaking before ever releasing the “I Have A Dream” speech. Think about that. In 1947 King joined the ministry and preached sermons, but it wasn’t until 1963 that he gave the “I Have a Dream Speech”.

That’s 16 years of public speaking to an audience before he would give one of the greatest speeches in American History.

You too can master public speaking. It may not take you 16 years, but one thing is for sure, you will fail. You will fail if you do nothing. So with that in mind, do something, anything, and you will overcome fear, and become a great orator. Or at least conquer the fear of public speaking and enjoy greater rewards than those that sit back and just sink lower and lower in their chairs.